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Country & City Snap-shots

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Market Snap-shot


Market demographic report: This report uses high level indication over a city’s economic health.

Over 770 cities assessed worldwide.

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Labor Market Snap-shot


Labor Market Employees: This snap shot gives key statistics over employment segment(s) health, demonstrating which employment sectors are growing while identifying those segments showing weakness.

Over 770 cities assessed worldwide.

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GDP Snap-shot

(Gross Domestic Product) 

Gross value added: Reviewing all business segments indicating where the stronger economic growth is occurring within the community.

Over 770 cities assessed worldwide.

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Market Insight Reports

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Competitive Market Intensity

This snap shot gives an insightful review over competitive intensity within a market.  Thereby allowing your business to enhance its vision and strategy over the best approach for competing within the community.

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Customer Market Dynamics

Creating a healthy business understanding of the residents living in your market(s) ensure the optimal balance and strategic consistency by creating community appeal and optimizing business growth.

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Market Intelligence Study

Providing comprehensive results through the use of extensive investigation and analysis, directing us to the best market solutions for your business needs.

(per metropolitan statistical area deep-dive)

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Strategic Business Plan

Market Research Group delivers actionable real world strategic market recommendations rooted in rigorous fact-based analysis combined with years of experience in creating winning strategies adding value to our client’s success.

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What some of MRG's closes clients say about our real world insight and Recommendations...

John Hyche
Principal at LEVEL5  / SVP - Strategic Consulting

"Brian’s market assessments go far beyond simply reciting and extending facts and figures about markets. He adds keen insight by applying knowledge he has amassed about national and international markets to his specific assignments. It is worth mentioning that Brian maintains a broad knowledge of national and international markets through continuous research done “on his own time.” This dedication to his field of expertise reveals him to be a true professional. Brian’s analytical process is deliberate and methodical. He delves below the surface to discover deeper cause-and-effect relationships that explain and predict market behavior.  This enables him to combine rock solid analysis with a “feel” for the market, yielding great insights and recommendations."

John Hyche
Principal at LEVEL / SVP - Strategic Consulting

It takes an authentic strategy with specific refinements to provide the right combination of personality and market appeal when engage communities.

Economic conditions for businesses today

Market Intelligence guided by consistency of purpose adding to the strategic  value moving your business towards transformation and growth.

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