Competitive Market Snap Shot

Understanding and reviewing the competitive dynamics in your existing markets or potential frontier markets is invaluable!  Identifying the competitive landscape provides strategic insight and helps guide actionable recommendations within a market.  This competitive insight includes: Identifying the market(s) of interest, determining market competitive overview (growing, compressing, or remaining stagnate), identifying those competitors with the top market share competing in your business segment, and assessing market opportunities and risk for existing and expansion market(s). 


This snap shot gives an insightful review over competitive intensity within a market.  Thereby allowing your business to enhance its vision and strategy over the best approach for competing within the community.

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Competitive Market Snap Shot

Staying fresh is a challenge for all businesses.  Whether serving existing markets or new frontier expansion markets we use a range of identifying data to assess your businesses market appeal through market segmentation performance, identification of the strongest consumer’s groups, and determine the consumer target groups which have an appeal for your business offerings.


This consumer segment insight includes: Review market(s) of interest, identify consumer demographics within the market, determine the most attractive and active consumer groups living in the target market, recognizing the characteristics for the markets largest consumer segment groups, and identifying the strongest products and services holding value within the community.


Creating a healthy business understanding of the residents living in your market(s) ensure the optimal balance and strategic consistency by creating community appeal and optimizing business growth.

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Market Intelligence Study

We work with business owners and executive teams to understand the company's strategic ambition and create clarity over strategic direction. This insight helps create strategies that are grounded in current market realities and driven by unique community insights guiding the business strategy.


This road map includes:  Engaging the executive team over their strategic business ambition and goals, identified or assessing predetermined target market(s), assess market demographics to determine strengths and weaknesses, identifying market opportunities and risks, analysis of key competitor market penetration and saturation points guiding the recommend sub-market locations to promote business performance and market success.


Providing comprehensive results through the use of extensive investigation and analysis, directing us to the best market solutions for your business needs.

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Strategic Business Plan

Our philosophy of collaboration brings insight for our client’s business expansion and market value, while seeking to uncover an authentic appeal within the communities they seek to serve. We work on a range of strategic issues including improving performance, organic and inorganic growth strategies, market strategies, consumer target identification and evaluation, as well as individual products and customer needs. 


This report combines the following reports and strategic insights from: Consumer Market Appeal Dynamics, Competitive Market Snap Shot, Market Intelligence Study, and a Three-year financial start-up projection guiding our assessment over “next steps” and recommended business strategy.


Market Research Group delivers actionable real world strategic market recommendations rooted in rigorous fact-based analysis combined with years of experience in creating winning strategies adding value to our client’s success.

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